The international Open Repositories Conference has taken place annually since 2006, when the first conference was held in Sydney, Australia.

The Open Repositories Vision

The annual international Open Repositories Conference occupies a unique place in the landscape of open knowledge, open source and digital preservation conferences. Acknowledging institutional interests in the vital role open repositories play in preserving and creating access to scholarly outputs, the OR focus on “how to” rather than “how come” has made it a favourite among librarians, developers and repository managers among others. OR is the conference where attendees learn about formative techniques and technologies while connecting with people who are solving related issues at their institutions. OR provides participants with an informal look at current community practices and future repository trends combined with collegial networking opportunities. This dynamic makes this conference the preferred event for people who have on-the-ground responsibilities for stewarding digital resources.

Open Repositories Steering Committee

The Open Repositories Steering Committee (ORSC) is the organizing group whose members have deep knowledge of the open repository space. The ORSC has the overarching responsibility to ensure the continuation of the conference from year to year and to guide the direction of the conference.

ORSC identifies future conference sites and host organizations; selects a programme committee in a process that is independent from that of selecting a conference site; helps to reach out to potential sponsoring organizations; manages fellowships; maintains the code of conduct and associated documents; develops policies, coordinates the work of presenting the conference each year,;and is responsible for managing the OR finances. 

The ORSC meets virtually monthly or more often as needed. The ORSC is made up of 12-13 standing members as well as the Program and Host Chairs for the current year and the upcoming year as they are selected. Program and Host chairs rotate off of the ORSC when their responsibilities are complete. There may be some items which only the standing members may act on such as the decision on a bid to host or voting on new standing members. The ORSC elects a Chair and Vice-Chair for terms of two years. The Vice-Chair moves into the Chair position at the end of Chair’s term, and a new Vice-Chair is elected.

Open Repositories Host Committee

The Open Repositories Host Organizing Committee (OR HOC) changes with each conference and is responsible for managing the conference logistics (whether the conference is physical or virtual) including the venue, accommodations, receptions and dinners, sponsorships, and the budget.  The OR Host Organizing Committee Chairs (selected by the Host organization) attend the monthly OR Steering Committee meetings, and work closely with the ORSC and the OR Program Committee Chairs. 

Open Repositories Program Committee

The Open Repositories Program Committee (OR PC) changes with each conference and is responsible for managing the program including building a program committee with chairs for each track, identifying the theme of the conference, issuing the call for proposals, identifying and inviting keynote speakers, managing the peer review process, selecting proposals for presentation, and establishing the program schedule. The Chairs (2/3) are selected by the Steering Committee; the Chairs then select members of the committee. The OR Program Committee chairs attend the monthly OR Steering Committee meetings, and work closely with the ORSC and the OR Host Organizing Committee Chairs.